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Residential Services

Work with trusted, independent energy auditors who provide a plan to make your home more comfortable and affordable.
Your house is not only one of your biggest investments but also a place you call home and expect to feel comfortable and safe. Lightly Treading would like to help you make smart decisions regarding money spent on home improvements, help you achieve comfort in every room of your home, and help you save energy and reduce your utility bills

Building Performance Assessment

A detailed analysis of your home that will help you assess and prioritize the steps to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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Xcel Energy Audit

With Lightly Treading, you can receive an energy audit by the most experienced energy audit firm approved for Xcel Energy’s Home Energy Audit Program. And our advice is objective as we don’t sell products, only solutions.

Lightly Treading is approved to perform energy audits under Xcel Energy. Rebates are available from Xcel Energy to help cover the cost of the energy audit.

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Project Management

The ultimate value of your ASHRAE Level I, II, or III or residential energy audit is found in experiencing improved comfort and reduced utility bills after incorporating the recommended improvements from your audit report.

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In-Home Energy Audit for Black Hills Energy customers in Cheyenne, WY

Take advantage of a complimentary residential audit compensated for by Black Hills Energy. Our audit will provide recommendations about how you can reduce your energy consumption in your home. The auditor will begin by reviewing the gas and or electric bill history & analyzing the energy usage for the home. The auditor will inspect the envelope of the home which includes: evaluating the insulation levels from top to bottom as well as the functioning of the mechanical systems (furnace, water heater, boiler, etc.) & refrigeration and inspecting the windows and patio doors’ existing U value. Finally, the auditor will evaluate what the homeowner’s needs are and provide cost effective solutions in the audit report.

*The home must be older than five years after construction to qualify.

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Post-Improvement Quality Assurance Inspection for Black Hills Energy customers in Cheyenne, WY

You’ve had the standard in-home energy audit completed. You’ve made the recommended improvements. Schedule a Lightly Treading team member to come back and perform an inspection of the improvements made on your home and reevaluate how energy efficient your home is now.
The post-improvement inspection would include:

  • Visual inspection of improvements made including: window installation, HVAC upgrades, air-sealing and/or insulation work to determine if the levels are appropriate*
  • Blower door test to determine the air-tightness of the home
  • Use of the infrared camera to view behind drywall and other areas to identify any sources of air-leakage or missing insulation*

*These services apply to your home if you’ve recently had insulation or air-sealing work done or had new windows installed.

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