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New Construction Services

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Whether you are an architect, new home builder, remodeler, or retrofitter, we can help you to take your projects to the next level so that you stand out from your competition.

Performance Goals Meeting

Lightly Treading will meet with project stakeholders to review plans and discuss what will be necessary to have a project achieve your performance goals. 

Lightly Treading will design the path to achieve your performance goals. From ENERGYSTAR®, to optimized comfort, to energy bill guarantees, to net-zero energy—we can take you there.

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Projected Energy Modeling

Comprehensive computer modeling from architectural plans will project a home’s, multifamily or commercial building’s energy performance and determine how to meet your performance goals as well as 2015 IECC/ASHRAE 90.-2013 and other jurisdictional requirements. This allows you to have design details and specifications in-place before construction begins, saving you money.

Gain assurance early on that home specifications will meet your performance goals and requirements.

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Pre-Drywall Inspections

These inspections are performed before drywall is hung to verify quality of air sealing, insulation, and air duct sealing. This allows for issues to be identified while they are easy to access and repair.

Lightly Treading’s pre-drywall inspections will target issues while they are still easy to access and repair. Depending upon your project we will work with you to select which of the following inspections are needed. Lightly Treading Energy Raters will notify the builder and/or appropriate trade partner of any areas in need of improvement immediately, so repairs can be efficiently addressed without affecting your production schedule.

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Verification Inspections for Certifications

Depending upon your performance goals, Lightly Treading can perform verification inspections and checklists for various national certification programs including: ENERGY STAR®, EPA WaterSense®, and EPA Indoor airPLUS®.

Lightly Treading staff and RESNET Raters are knowledgeable about the eligibility requirements for the following certification programs. Should you choose to enroll a home in any of these programs, Lightly Treading will assist with completing and submitting the necessary verification checklists. If there is a program you are interested in that is not listed, please contact us, and we will do our best to work with you in achieving your goals.

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Final Inspection and/or Energy Rating

Inspection of a completed project verifies that performance levels have been met as expected and no details have been overlooked.

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Lightly Treading is here to work with you as you attempt to push the envelope and achieve advanced home performance with goals such as Passive House, Zero Energy Ready, or Solar applications. We can provide detailed consultations concerning building specifications and performance to help you achieve a home with truly unique energy performance. Contact us today to tell us about your project.

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