Sustainability, Spirituality and Buildings; An invitation from Lightly Treading, Inc.

This video is an invitation to multi-family and commercial building owners to take advantage of the power they have to keep moving the world toward sustainability for future generations.

DISCOVER Benchmarking your building with Lightly Treading

Have you heard about the City of Denver’s Green Roof (Building) ordinance? If you own a building in Denver which is 25,000 sq.ft. or larger you need to know. Lightly Treading is here to help! Start with this video on benchmarking your building and contact us to learn about the ordinance details.

DISCOVER Energy Audits and Modeling with Lightly Treading

Buildings are complicated. Lightly Treading’s building doctor’s holistic, building-as-a-system, approach to understand your building makes it simpler. This approach uncovers how to truly eliminate comfort issues, reduce high utility bills and enhance sustainability…not just sell you stuff.

DISCOVER the Power of Sharing your building's sustainability

In the 21st Century the winners are those who do well by doing good. Lightly Treading's DISCOVER videos show how we will help your buildings do good so you, and everyone in your buildings, win! Watch the videos and contact us to get started.

Case Study - First Universalist Church

When a group comes together to make decisions on building renovations and sustainability, the final result usually comes from a combination of things. The cost, of course. The wish for lower utility bills. Maybe the time spent on completing the project, and the intended usability of the building. But in some cases, the design comes from somewhere deeper. A desire for a building that exists in harmony with the environment. The feeling of an obligation to create something for the good of future generations. That is what this story of First Universalist Church in Denver is all about.